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Mardalsfossen is one of the ten highest waterfalls in Europe. It is located in the municipality of Nesset, Norway.


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The total fall is 705 m according to SSB, 657 m according to World Waterfall Database. It consists of two large drops and several smaller ones lower down. The highest vertical drop, which is 358 m, is one of the tallest in Norway. It is on average 24 m wide. It is a tiered waterfall.


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The water, which has been tapped for hydroelectric use, flows over the falls during the summer tourist season of 20th June to 20th August. At other times the water is channeled through the hydroelectric scheme.


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In 1970 Arne Nęss, the Norwegian founder of the Deep Ecology movement, tied himself with 300 others in protest againsts the building of a dam and the subsequent removal of the waterfall.


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