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Trollveggen (the Troll Wall) is the highest vertical mountain wall in Europa. From the point you are at now there are 5500 foot to the top of the Troll Wall. Out of this 3000 feet are vertical, together with a 150 feet overhang.


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Trollryggen: The first ascent was made in 1958 by Arne Randers Heen from Andalsnes and Ralph Hoibakk. This was the first time in Norway that climbers had to spend the night on the mountain. Trollryggen is still Europe's longest climbing-route.


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Before 1965 no one believed that it was possible for man to climb the vertical face of the Troll Wall itself. In 1965 a Norwe-gian and an English climbingteam proved otherwise. In 14 days they reached the top climbing different routes (the Norwegians one day before the Englishmen).
Since then various routes have been climbed in theTroll Wall, the routes are often given names after the first ascenders. A majority of the routes have also been climbed in wintertime.
In 1980 a new sport appeared in the Troll Wall, when the Finnish Jorma Öster made the first jump with a parachute off the Troll Wall. A lot of parachuters came from all over the world after this event. In 1980 and 1981 approximately 150 parachuters jumped off from the Troll Wall. As the result of several accidents and dangerous rescuemissions parachuting in Trollveggen was prohibited by law in 1986.


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