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Spiterstulen is situated at 1100 m (3610 ft.) above sea level at the timber line in a sheltered and luxuriant mountain Valley. You will find a profusion of mountain flowers, rippling streams, old animal pits and fabled tofts, all tempting you to pleasant strolls. The meadow is a delightful playground for children.


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Spiterstulen was originally the «seter» or mountain farm for the ancestral farm Sulheim. In 1836 it was exten-ded to receive guests, and since then - through 6 gene-rations - it has been modernized and expanded. With-out losing the old atmosphere, several houses - small and large - have been built round the enclosure.


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A wide variety of rooms are available - ranging from the youth section with two-storied bunks and shared baths to small cottages with a fire-place, bath and nursery.
There are about 150 beds available, most of them in
rooms with 2 or 3 beds, hot and cold water and showers/
lavatories in the corridor.
We wish you welcome to our camping site.


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