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Norsk Bremuseum


The Norwegian Glacier Museum is a non-profit foundation established by the International Glaciological Society, Norwegian Mountain Touring Association, Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, Norwegian Polar Institute, Sogn og Fjordane Regional College, The University of Bergen and The University of Oslo.


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The aim of the Norwegian Glacier Museum is to collect, create and disseminate knowledge about snow, ice and glaciers. The interplay within the natural environment and between mankind and nature, is highlighted through film, interactive models and individual experiment with real glacier ice.

The exhibits deal with 23 themes and show among others the hows and whys of glaciers, fjords and landscape, and why glaciers play an important part in the search for knowledge about past and future climate. From the roof you have a spectacular view of the glaciers and the surrounding landscape.

The Norwegian Glacier Museum is an authorized national park centre, with special information about Jostedalsbreen National Park.

The museum is designed by the prize winning architect Sverre Fehn.


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