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Nature's Catastrophes -1905 and 1936.

You see before you Mt. Ramnefjell; a mountain that has tragic distinction in Norway's history. Landslides have plummeted to the lake below several times. Landslides of such proportion that they have twice almost obliterated two settlements. The landslide caused subterranean waves that surged along the bottom of the lake and developed into annihilating tidal waves when they reached shallower waters.


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In 1905 a total of 61 people were killed in the settlements of Nesdal and Bodal. Only 9 persons were found, the other 52 found their grave in the lake.
Just one generation later, there was a further landslide. In 1936, 74 persons were killed, of which 41 were never found. A gigantic tidal wave swept through farmyards and destroyed everything in its path; people, animal, farm buildings and cultivated fields.


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