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It is steep and deep, shallow and wide, wild and gentle. Nærøyfjord is a 18 km long branch of the worlds second longest fjord Sognefjord (204 km). It is only 250 metres at the narrowest, and more than one kilometres at the widest. The depth varies between 10 and 500 metres. The surrounding mountains are up to more than 1400 metres high.


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14th of July 2005, the Nærøyfjord and the surrounding area was inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List together with Geirangerfjord.


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Nærøyfjord is a fjord in the municipality of Aurland in Sogn og Fjordane. It starts at Gudvangen and ends at the mountain Beitelen, which divides the two fjords Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord. In Nærøyfjord, we have the small villages Gudvangen, Bakka, Styvi and Dyrdal. Dyrdal and Styvi are the only places without permanent inhabitants during the winter, and is without road connection.


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The tourist "high" season lasts from 1st if may to 30th of september. Then you can take the ferry from Gudvangen, out the Nærøyfjord and Aurlandsfjord to Kaupanger in Sognefjord, a 2 hour "ferrytail" in Sognefjord - the King of the Fjords. You can also visit the fjord by other boats or by kayaks, or you can do a fjordsafari in a RIB-boat.


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