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Eidfjord is a municipality in the county of Hordaland, Norway.
Eidfjord was separated from Ulvik May 1, 1891. (Eidfjord was merged with Ullensvang from January 1, 1964 to January 1, 1977.)
Eidfjord has two townships, Eidfjord and Ųvre Eidfjord. Eidfjord is the municipality center situated by Eidfjorden, and is a major cruise harbour. Eidfjord has several wonderful tourist sites, like the Sima Power Plant built into the mountain itself, the famous waterfall Vųringsfossen with a free fall of 182 m and large parts of Europe's largest mountain plateau, Hardangervidda.


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The name

The municipality is named after Eidfjorden (Norse Eišafjöršr). The first element is the genitive case of the name of the farm Eišar, the old churchsite. The name of the farm is the plural form of eiš n 'land between to waters' (here the fjord and the lake of Eidfjordvatnet).


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