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Kolbeinstveit is a farm museum situated alongside Route 13, around five kilometres east of Suldalsosen. The main buildings around the courtyard are the farmhouse and barn from around 1850. You can also see Guggedalsloftet, an old storehouse from Bråtveit, which is the oldest preserved wooden building in the county of Rogaland, having been built in 1281. Below the farmstead lies Suldalsdampen, the boat that provided ferry services on Lake Suldalsvatnet for almost a hundred years after it entered service in 1885.


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The history of the farm and the farm buildings is described in detail in the Ryfylke Museum’s yearbook for 2004.

The farm is run as a living museum, with exhibitions, activities, animals and traditional food. It is a great place to visit if you have children.


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Permanent exhibition

“The farm and the people” is an exhibition that tells the story of the people who have lived at Kolbeinstveit, and looks at how they used the farm’s buildings and exploited its natural resources.


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