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Kjerag or Kiragg is a Norwegian mountain, located in Lysefjorden, in Forsand municipality, Rogaland. Its highest point is 1110 m over sea level, but its northern drop to Lysefjorden attracts most visitors. The drop is 984 m (3,228 ft) and is just by the famous Kjeragbolten, a 5 m big stone which is plugged between two rocks. A lot of people go onto this rock, but many are afraid at just seeing the sheer drop.


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Kjerag has become a quite popular hiking destination in the last few years. Some go there because Preikestolen has become too crowded, some to jump onto Kjeragbolten (1000 metres sheer drop into the Lysefjorden) and quite a lot of BASE jumpers from all over the world go there to dive off the high cliffs. Kjerag is also a popular climbing destination, with many difficult routes going up its steep faces. Therefore you should wear good shoes, and don't make the trip if there is bad weather. If it is raining the stones get very slippery. The hike from the parking lot to the top is quite rough, and takes approximately 2 hours each way.


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