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Queen Mary 2 in Stavanger


Queen Mary 2 is the most magnificent ocean liner ever built. Her every detail harkens to the Golden Age of Ocean Travel, while providing one of the most modern travel experiences on earth. From bow to stern, discover 13 spacious decks on which to relax and unwind; to indulge in pleasures and pursuits you never normally have time for. Opulent public areas, extravagant dining rooms, ballrooms, theatres, lounges...even the only Planetarium at sea.


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It is only in a world like this that modern fairy tales at sea are possible - where ordinary travellers can feel like royalty for a week or two. But words can only do such a lady so much justice, for to truly revel in the grandeur that is Queen Mary 2, you must sail with her.


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Length:                                      1132 feet

Beam:                                        135 feet

Beam at Bridge Wings:               147.5 feet

Draft:                                        32 feet 10 inches

Height (Keel to Funnel):             236.2 feet

Gross Tonnage:                         Approximately 151,400 gross tonnes

Guest Capacity:                         2,592 lower berths 3,056 maximum capacity
                                                 (Including third and fourth berths)

Crew:                                        1253

Cruise Speed:                             28.5 Knots

Power:                                      157000 horsepower, environmentally friendly,
                                                 gas turbine/diesel electric plant

Propulsion:                                Four pods of 21.5 MW each; 2 fixed and 2

Strength:                                   Extra thick steel hull for strength and stability
                                                 for Transatlantic Crossings

Stabilizers:                                Two sets

Cost:                                         Estimated $800 million



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